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What should be included in your UCAS personal statement. A concise reminder.

A successful personal statement will adequately cover the following points.

1# Your reasons for choosing the course

Demonstrate that you have a genuine interest in your subject. Explain which areas that you find particularly interesting? Give specific examples.

Thoroughly read the prospectus and website of the universities to which you applying for ideas.

You might refer to books you have read or inspiring authors, theories and concepts. Perhaps you have visited places of interest or attended work placements that will add credibility to your application.

Writing about your own experiences is a sound foundation upon which to produce an original and personal piece.

2# Personal qualities and skills
Give evidence that you possess the ability, experience and knowledge required to successfully complete the course? Again be specific.

Emphasise, with examples, the important attributes that you possess such as the ability to study independently, strong time management skills, persistence, organisation, leadership, initiative and so on.

3# The subjects you are currently studying
Avoid simply restating the subjects that you are studying. That information will already be apparent in your application.

Rather, indicate how they have engendered your choice of course.

Refer to those aspects that you found interesting and why. Relate the skills you have acquired and focus of your academic interest with respect to the subject you are applying.

4# Extra curricular pursuits and interests
Mention any achievements that show that you are able and dedicated.

They should be substantive. High grades in music or drama exams, Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards, combined cadet force or Scout awards,  community and charity work are all impressive examples.

State any positions of responsibility you have held.

Part-time employment roles, head boy or girl positions at school, house captain, sporting achievements and any caring roles you may have held are very relevant.

5# Future plans or career aspirations
Briefly indicate your career aspirations if it is pertinent to the subject you wish to read.

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