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Frequently Asked Questions

Launched in 2009, essayzone.co.uk is a new website that maintains a database of student essays,
papers, projects, dissertations and personal statements. Anyone can access the database for a small payment
or by submitting a piece of there own work.

1# Your academic confidence and ability can be improved with a better understanding of how
well considered answers are constructed.
2# Writing an essay or say a personal statement is not easy. Yet as when completing any significant task
it can often be motivating to learn from the example of others.
3# Creativity in many fields of endevour can be stimulated by studying the work of others.
4# Artists study art work, architects look at builidings, writers read books, car designers get inspired by cars and so on.
5# Use our essays as a guide to inspire your academic imagination.
6# Write better essays by reading grammatically sound work, well supported by evidence and critical analysis.
7# Outstanding value! You can access our essays for only £4.99 for 10.
8# 50 essays at £9.99 = only £0.20 each.
9# 150 essays at £19.99 = only £0.13 each.
10# Some websites charge as much as £30-£40 per essay!
10# Every essay is of a least 2.1, 60% or grade B quality.
12# Over 98% of our essays have been written by UK students.
educational technique that can support and encourage your academic progress. 13# After making a payment, access is instant.
14# The introduction, conclusion and parts of the main body of each document submitted is carefully checked for quality.
15# As long as you do not copy the work in whole or in part, reading the work of others is a completely ethical and well proven
educational technique that can support and encourage your academic progress.

1# Register with us.
2# Moments after registering you will be sent an email.
3# Open the email from us and click on the link inside to activate your account.
4# Sign in, make a payment or submit some of your own work.
5# Recieve an email notification, telling you that your credit to download is available.
6# Instantly (payment) or 48 hours (submission).
6# Sign in and download any work you choose.

Our prices are listed below:

10 essays = £4.99
50 essays = £9.99
150 essays = £19.99

You can make a payment using a paypal account or a wide variety of credit and debit cards. Paypal who take payments on our behalf accept, Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and American Express.
Setting up a PayPal account is NOT nessesary.
It is also possible to use Maestro and Solo cards or a bank account to add funds to a paypal account if you have one.

Making a payment to us is as safe as it possibly can be online.
To keep your financial information secure we use the billing company to take payments on our behalf.
PayPal is a leading company used by major brands such as ebay, boots and Topshop
that uses state-of-the-art encription to technology.

After selecting your downloads on the pay for downloads page you will be redirected
to a secure paypal page and then their website to make a payment.
WE NEVER store, have access to or request customer payment details.
We have worked very hard to ensure that a combination of sensible measures and the latest techology is
in place and continually work to ensure our site is as safe or safer than using the largest of websites.
For more information please refer to our privacy & security policy or contact us.

Following payment, your account will be credited instantly with the downloads that you have paid for.

No, absolutely not. The credit to download you receive following payment or essay submission can be used whenever you choose. This year, next year or longer if you wish.

Adobe PDF Logo

All essays use the Portable Data Format(PDF).
PDF is an open standard created by Adobe Systems for document exchange.
PDF is used for representing documents in a manner independent of the application
software, hardware, and operating system.
To access our essays therefore you will require Adobe Reader Version 7.0 or later, which can be downloaded for free here.

The essays can only be accessed using Adobe Reader which allows all users to easily print, copy and edit PDF files.
If you do not have this piece of software, please ensure that you select the correct operating system when downloading the reader.
Should you experience any further difficulties, please use the contact form. We'll be delighted to provide support.

1# Using our site is completely ethical as long as you do not present any of the essays you download, in whole or in part as your own.
2# Using a general phrase that you find once or twice, is no great misdemeanour but copying whole sentences or paragraphs should definitely be avoided.
3# All of the essays in our database have at some point been handed in by students and may subsequently
have been added into plagarism detection software databases.
4# Please do not jeapardize your academic career. Universities may impose significant penalties for plagarism.
5# Do not refer to this website or any of our essays in your own work, in your text, references or bibligraphy.
When sourcing evidence you are expected to cite the work of published academic writers, respected journals,
periodicals, newspapers and relevent film and media. Not the work of other students.
6# These points are made not to lecture or dictate, but to help you use our site safely and in way that promotes your success.

For more information, please contact us