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About us

essayzone.co.uk provides online access to high quality student documents of all kinds.

Its function is to support GCSE, A-Level & undergraduate students within the United Kingdom.

Reading the work of fellow students is a proven and ethical educational technique when used as a guide for completing coursework or revising for exams and improving understanding.

At essayzone.co.uk students may download and save essays, coursework, projects, dissertations or personal statements to their own computer, that serve as examples of the style of writing, content and analysis that achieve the best results.

The site is maintained by social science and law graduates who ensure the quality of coursework by proofreading each one that is submitted.

All of the student documents on essayzone.co.uk:

  • Are of extremely high quality
  • Are written by students attending British educational establishments
  • Contains the full question title where appropriate
  • Are of sufficient length
  • Contain very few grammatical errors
  • Contain very few spelling mistakes
  • Contain very few presentational errors

For more information about essayzone.co.uk please ask by using the contact form