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Steal a few minutes

Grab small chunks of time whenever you can. A lot can be achieved in small time slots.

If you have a 20 minute bus journey every morning, then make sure that you use this time to move your studying efforts forward.

Read an article, a chapter of a set book or make a few notes about something you read the previous day.

If you drive to work or back from the school run, record tapes of revision notes so that you can listen to them as you drive. You may find that you are unable to concentrate for the whole of the tape but that, if you play it often enough, you will absorb plenty of information and will have avoided wasting your time in a traffic jam.

You could also read in the bath or in your lunch hour at work.

You will soon find that if you can snatch a few minutes in this way every day you will have achieved a lot without too much disruption to your life by the end of the week.

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  1. Luck girl says:

    Thxx u so much,i have exam but one day before exam have forgotten linking words and this have help me a lot

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