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Think positively and you may be able to help your self

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A relatively small minority of people in our country have really unfortunate starts to their lives, with abject poverty, abuse, chronic parental influence and congenital illnesses.

However, the majority have the opportunity for contentment and success. There are many factors which determine success, but the prime ones are self confidence and self esteem.

People have a choice each day whether to dwell on the positive or negative. Successful people dwell on the positives, whereas people constantly having negative thoughts, thinking they are inferior, are surely destined to fail.

Most great inventions and achievements were once just a thought to a person’s mind, so our thought process is very powerful. People should write down their goals and aspirations.

They should concentrate on them with positive thoughts every day. I believe they will be astounded at the result of these thoughts.

I feel certain that, in the future, our society will concentrate more on creating a positive attitude in people as it is paramount to people leading a happy and successful life.

John Milton, the wonderful English poet, summoned up the importance of our mind in a perfect way:

The mind is its own place,
And in itself,
Can make a heaven of hell,
A hell of heaven.

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