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Breaking modern encryption

Answer: This report will analyse two of the major encryption techniques currently in use today
and can pose a real threat if broken. I will be showing how maths is used in creating them and
how they can be deciphered using the knowledge of how the math works.

RSA Public key cryptography
In the 1970s, Rivest, Shamir and Adleman created a cryptography system unlike any
other at the time. It allowed two people to pass information without requiring them to know
the same private key beforehand. This was created using a trap door cryptography system
meaning it is easy to encode information, but hard to reverse engineer it without knowing
what values it has been encoded with. In the modern day we call the Public key cryptography
the RSA in honour of those who created it.
RSA Process:
 Step 1: take any two prime numbers:
p=5, q=7
*note: prime numbers used in reality are up to 2064-bi...(short extract)

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