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Question: TMA 04 Write a reflective account of practice experience you have been involved in. this does not have to be a major piece of work or something that seeks to show your skills or depths of experience.

You can reflect on brief interactions or situations where you have been expected to intervene or help in some way.

You can even use an incident from outside your practice setting, but if you do this, you need to show how your reflection relates to your own understanding and development as a social worker.

KYJ113 Foundations For Social Work Practice
Level 2 year 2
Counting towards BA Social Work (Scotland)
Mark Achieved 80%

Answer: Throughout this assignment, I will reflect on a practice experience in which I support a mother of a child with complex needs whom I refer to as Samantha throughout my writing to protect her confidentiality as expected Scottish Social Service Council (SSSC 2016), the learning I take from this experience that has promoted my professional development and shaped future practice. I will refer to the importance of self-reflection and how this can empower me as a worker as well as improve future engagements with service-users
Samantha is Mother and sole carer to her 4yr old son, who has a learning disability and a diagnosis of malignant Epilepsy which places him at risk of sudden death. Concerns had been raised by the child’s nursery regards poor attendance and Samantha’s volatility and lethargic presentation. These concerns suggested Samantha’s mental health may have impac...(short extract)

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  • Course: KYJ113 Foundations For Social Work Practice
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  • Mark: 80%
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  • Date submitted: November 24, 2018
  • Date written: October, 2017
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