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Question: How far should voluntary euthanasia be sanctioned by the state?

Answer: Euthanasia, the deliberate ending of one’s life, is illegal in the United Kingdom despite the support from the general public being strong with 70% being in favour and 14% being undecided (BBC,2014). Voluntary euthanasia or assisted suicide carries a heavy sentence of up to 14 years imprisonment. Currently only four places openly and legally allow euthanasia, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and Oregon in the United States. Doctors in hospitals can currently administer large amounts of morphine to dying patients to induce a coma and this is acceptable. People can, in hospital, sign a disclaimer to stop resuscitation from taking place even if resuscitation is possible but these methods are not considered to be euthanasia and nobody will serve a prison sentence for these actions. Yet a person outside of a hospital environment can be in the final stages of their terminal illness with no ...(short extract)

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