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Question: The Analysis of Cinchona Alkaloids using reversed phase HPLC with Ultra Violet Diode Array Detection. (Forensic Science Dissertation)

Answer: Quinine, Quinidine, Cinchonine and Cinchonidine are the four principal alkaloids from the Cinchona tree species. These alkaloids have a wide variety of uses and the amount found in Cinchona tree bark can significantly affect the crops market value. There are a number of different chromatographic techniques which have been developed for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of these alkaloids, but reversed phase HPLC using an Octadecylsilane (ODS) column and acidic mobile phase are the most common. A precise HPLC technique has been developed using a mobile phase of pH 5.2, enabling the separation and quantification of four principal alkaloids and their di-hydro derivatives. Initially UV spectrophotometer analysis of standard alkaloid samples was used to find the UV wavelength which gave maximum absorbance....(short extract)

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  • Subject: Other Subjects
  • Course: Forensic Science
  • Level: Degree
  • Year: 2nd/3rd
  • Mark: 73%
  • Words: 5423
  • Date submitted: November 30, 2010
  • Date written: April, 2010
  • References: Yes
  • Document type: Dissertation
  • Essay ID: 3498

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