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Question: Analyse the different perspectives on dealing with death in these six poems.

'My Last Duchess' by Robert Browning – Anthology
'Dying Speech of an Old Philosopher' by W.S Landor – Wider Reading
'Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night' by Dylan Thomas – Anthology
'Remember' by Christina Rossetti – Anthology
'We are Seven' by William Wordsworth – Wider Reading
'I Died for Beauty' by Emily Dickinson – Wider Reading

IGCSE English Literature Year 11, Graded A*

Answer: What is death? Should we fear the total nothingness of death? Or is it the doorway to new life, a transformation rather than an ending? What we know is that death is inevitable and that when encountering death, people react in their own unique way. This essay discusses the reaction of six poets when confronting the death of a loved one - or their own.

Conceptually, death is the termination of life. Thus how we handle death is shaped by how we treat life. In some instances, lives of others are viewed as private possessions and death, as a result, could be used as a way to end or maintain the possessive relationship. In My Last Duchess, the duke’s attitude towards the death of his wife is indifferent and – although he killed her - unrepentant. The direct reason of the murder of the Duchess is the jealousy of the Duke. He remarks that the duchess was "too soon made glad,/ too easily...(short extract)

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