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Question: How does Ibsen use certain characters in ‘A Doll’s House’ to expose the tensions between the individual and society in 19th century Norway? Grade A

Part 1 essay.

Answer: One of the many movements that manifested itself in the 19th century was the problem plays of naturalism and realism with playwrights using contemporary social, political and economic conditions as themes for their plays. This naturalistic approach extended to the performance, where lighting and stage sets were designed to resemble reality. The radical originality of including such topical issues was intended to imitate real life as much as possible. In this way, texts and plays produced in the 19th century often showed clearly, whether or not they condoned the ways of thinking in their society, done largely through mediating the views of the author or playwright through characterization. Henrik Ibsen was a proponent of the naturalistic movement whose works changed the way theatre and women’s rights were regarded. In ‘A Doll’s House’ , Ibsen stresses on the tensions between t...(short extract)

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