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Question: Compare the presentation of characters as victims in A Streetcar Named Desire, Othello and Pride and Prejudice.

Answer: Victimisation is an essential theme to these three texts. It is responsible for the unravelling of the plots, and the portrayal of various characters. In Othello, Othello’s qualities often resemble that of a victim. In Pride and Prejudice, as the title and the initial title ‘First Impressions’ suggests, many of the characters are victims of misconception. Just as in Othello, it is necessary for Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire to be victimised in order to accurately present the playwright’s perception of the changing society.

As a French colonial aristocrat, Blanche’s name derives from the word ‘white’. As the colour white is generally associated with purity, the meaning of Blanche’s namesake may be interpreted as a satire of Blanche’s exposed lasciviousness. However, during the setting of the scene at the beginning of the play, the theme of white becoming ...(short extract)

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