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Question: An analysis of the poem ‘Lament’ by Gillian Clarke.
GCSE English Essay- A mark, Band 2, 84%

Answer: In the poem ‘Lament’ Gillian Clarke describes the effects of the Gulf War on the surrounding environment and ecosystem. She creatively depicts her feelings of sorrow about the present state of the world whilst striving to inform readers of the effect war has on both the human and natural worlds. Similarly Boey Kim Cheng effectively conveys his strong feelings about the devastation humans are inflicting on the natural world and presents these feelings in his well-pondered poem ‘Report to Wordsworth’. Cheng addressed the poem to William Wordsworth whilst alluding to his works in the belief that should he still be alive today, Wordsworth would be able to alleviate the destruction of nature.

Clarke uses imagery to powerfully depict the destruction of war on any entity involved. In the second stanza, Clarke mourns ‘’ the cormorant in his funeral silk’’. This sentence conju...(short extract)

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  • Subject: English Literature
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  • Level: GCSE
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  • Date submitted: February 25, 2013
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