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Question: Explain the selection and appointments process for the judiciary. To what extent does the judiciary represent the communities that they serve?

Answer: Introduction
Methods and procedures and the appointment of judges dismiss in order to capture public attention and promote a lively debate. So far, the discussion of this topic, mainly notify independent thinking. Recently, however, the work of the courts and public scrutiny of the judicial process has drawn attention to the composition and procedures of justice, the appointment of judges. In this case, there are two main competing factors, firstly, it is the judiciary is not representative of company procedures and appointment and inadequate public participation in demand; on the contrary, it is the fear of the judges on the basis of judicial capacity reference work other options could contribute to decreased quality and respect for the judiciary (Strohmeyer, 2001, 46). This article refers to the way in which judges are appointed and currently studying a number of alternatives. Other ...(short extract)

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