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To: Mrs Braun
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Re: Changes to legal service in England

Answer: The English legal profession is divided into two sections:
1- Solicitors
2- Barristers
In England and Wales there are over 80,000 solicitors, who are governed by the Law Society
who supervise the training and discipline of the solicitors and represents the profession.
Solicitors have traditionally done advocacy work in the magistrate’s court and the County
Court but not in the High Courts. However this was changed by the Courts and Legal Service Act 1990 and the Access to Justice Act 1999 allowing barristers and solicitors the rights of audience on completion of the relevant training. There are currently 1,000 solicitor advocates.
Solicitors without the full right of audience are even allowed to appear in the High Courts, in bankruptcy cases or to read out formal unchallenged statements. Solicitors can appear in cases of appeal that are from the magistrates’ courts that have b...(short extract)

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