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Much social research still fails to incorporate an adequate race dimension, mainly because social research (in the UK) is usually conducted within predominantly Eurocentric, white conceptual frameworks’ (maniam et al., 2004). Discuss the reasons for this failure with respect to children and young people. To what extent can this failure be addressed by social research?

Answer: Over the next few paragraphs I shall be examining the statement above in more detail. I have separated the title into two questions and shall address each one individually.

I shall initially clarify what is meant by the term ‘race’ and then look at why race is not adequately incorporated into social research with children and young people and compile a list of reasons that I feel answer this question and look at ways in which they could be addressed. I will then look at research papers studied so far throughout EK310 and consider how race was or was not included. Finally I will present a conclusion that summarises the main reasons I have identified.

An increasing number of people in the country are of mixed race, ie with parents of different races and I tend to clarify the word ‘race’ as a group, especially of people, with particular similar physical characteristics, wh...(short extract)

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  • Date submitted: January 09, 2009
  • Date written: December, 2004
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