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Question: EK310 – TMA01 87%

Using examples taken from at least two of the research papers you have read in EK310 so far, discuss the main differences between qualitative and quantitative research.

Answer: Over the next few paragraphs I shall be exploring the main differences between qualitative and quantitative research. I will provide a full description of the differences between the two research methods and then examine in more detail 3 or 4 main differences. These being:

1) Small scale study versus large scale study
2) Researcher immersed in situation versus researcher is an objective observer.
3) Less formal and harder to replicate versus less variable and easier to replicate.
4) Emphasises meaning, experiences and descriptions versus reality in terms of variable and relationships between them.

I will then work through two research papers that I have studied in EK310 so far and relate these differences to the papers. I will also discuss why each research approach has been chosen for the particular report. The research papers I am going to looking at are as follows:

‘...(short extract)

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