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Question: To what extent is primary product dependency a constraint on economic growth and development in developing countries? 19/20

Answer: Developing countries or less developed countries are nations with a low living standard and an underdeveloped industrial base they also have a low Human Development Index relative to other countries. These countries are often agricultural and seek to be more economically advanced and are often at stage 2/3 of Rostow's model of the stages of economic development. They have many constraints operating on their growth but a major factor is primary product dependency. A Primary product is raw materials and resources used in the productive process and a Primary Product dependency is when there is heavy reliance on a narrow range of products. Commodities can be split into hard commodities which are ones that are mined such as metals ,minerals and oil and soft commodities which are grown such as coffee, sugar or maize. Developing countries rely heavily on these goods for example in Zambia 84% o...(short extract)

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