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Question: Evaluate arguments for and against the use of scientific methods to reduce the risks of giving birth to an impaired baby.

Answer: There are many reasons why a baby is born impaired. Some defects will be genetic and obvious to a trained midwife or doctor at birth - such as down syndrome or cerebral palsy, whilst other genetic defects will not be so obvious. Environmental factors such as drugs or alcohol can also cause birth defects as can infection or a difficult birth. In fact, many impairments are of unknown cause and will take many months or years of investigation to identify and manage (Hitti, 2006).
It is difficult to predict the ratio of impaired babies to ‘normal’ babies but it can be argued that parents have a right to accurate information in order to weigh up the risks of their own baby being born with an impairment. Often, however, the information available is difficult to understand and inaccurate....(short extract)

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