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Question: TMA 01 Part One: Using your own words, describe what is meant by ‘normal distribution’ and ‘fluid intelligence’ and provide an example of each, drawing on the material presented in Investigating Intelligence. Word count: 213

TMA 01 Part Two: Answer questions, identify patterns and interpret some of the information about data presented in a table. Word count: 97

TMA 01 Part Three: Reflection on participation in the collaborative activities forums. Word count: 100

DE100 Investigating Psychology TMA01 (1st year of undergraduate study). Grade received: 86

Answer: TMA 01 Part One: Normal Distribution is the claim that certain features that differ from one person to another, such as one’s shoe size or height, will be dispersed in such a way that results near or at the average will occur more often than extreme ones. An example of normal distribution is intelligence, and more specifically, the IQ. When expressed graphically, the normal distribution of IQ shows that the average score is 100. That is, scores close to or at 100 occurred most frequently in the population, and people were more likely to have a score close to the average compared to extreme scores above or below it.

Fluid intelligence refers to a person’s aptitude to adequately understand and resolve new problems presented to them, without drawing from things they have learnt or experienced beforehand. An example of fluid intelligence can be seen in Raven’s Progressive Matrices. ...(short extract)

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  • Subject: Psychology
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