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Question: Server configuration advice for small businesses.

Blade Servers
Tower Servers
Rack Servers
Leased Servers
Security options available for servers
Voice over IP Telephone system for Servers
Server Backup Options
Virtualisation of servers on a server
Appendices A
Appendices B

Answer: Door Step sandwiches is a midsized business looking to implement new servers in to the head office and preparation centres, this report explains the recommendations of each type of server available. Which are blade, tower, rack and virtualised servers, followed by the advantages and disadvantages of each system. Security options for servers has also been introduced because many small businesses struggle with security when it comes to protecting sensitive information such as customer information, whether it be physical or software based. Voice over IP technology is a fairly new subject and has only been put in to practice in recent years. This technology replaces a standard phone line solution and allows companies to make full use of the services available under the licence. Backup recommendations have been taken in to account because many small sized businesses may have a posing risk of ...(short extract)

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