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Question: The effect of water temperature on the respiration rate of yeast.
B Grade.

Answer: Abstract:
This experiment tested the amount of carbon dioxide that was released during the respiration of yeast, after it was mixed with glycogen and different temperatures of water. A tube was placed into a measuring cylinder filled with water then connected to a conical flask with a hundred millilitres of water at different temperatures, fiver grams of yeast and five gams of glycogen. Every two minutes, gas displacement would occur and the amount of water left in the measure cylinder was measured and recorded. The results of the experiment did support the hypothesis, which was that more carbon dioxide would be produced at high temperatures because of the enzyme activities that occur.

This experiment tests the effect of temperature on yeast and sugar, and the temperature changes the amount of carbon dioxide produced. The controlled variables are a fixed weight of yeast a...(short extract)

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