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Question: Business UCAS Personal Statement

Answer: My name is Shabir Ahmad. I am nineteen years old. Originally I belong to Afghanistan but the family migrated to Pakistan before my birth. I have been studying in Beaconhouse School System from the beginning and I have developed instinctive interest in business because my family has been in business from the last five decades. Normally, the businessmen of Afghanistan carry out their business in a very primitive and down-to-earth manner which is not compatible with business tradition of modern world. The reason of this out-dated style of business is lack of education. A very thin minority of Afghan young people has gone into the study of modern business methods but it is like a drop in the ocean. I not only want to study effectively the modern business methods at the most prestigious institution, like LUMS but also plan to evoke the interest of young Afghan generation to go into the study ...(short extract)

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  • Subject: Business
  • Course: Business
  • Level: Degree
  • Year: Not applicable
  • Mark: Not available
  • Words: 445
  • Date submitted: September 09, 2013
  • Date written: Not available
  • References: No
  • Document type: UCAS Personal Statement
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