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Question: The Effect of Covered Stomata on Plant Transpiration.

Answer: The purpose of this study is to find the effect of covered stomata on plant transpiration. The experiment was designed to examine the changes in texture of four Devil’s Ivy leaves (Epipremnum aureus) affected by covered stomata and rate of transpiration. One leaf was completely coated with Vaseline gel. The second leaf was coated only on the front surface, while the third leaf was coated on the back surface with gel. The fourth leaf was left uncoated as a control variable. The four leaves were hung on a rope (50cm. long), 10cm. apart from each other. The leaves were exposed to the same amount of sunlight, temperature (32 degrees Celsius), and humidity (about 70 percent). The changes in the texture of the four leaves were observed over a one-week interval....(short extract)

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