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Question: Protein Haemoglobin

Answer: Haemoglobin is a water soluble globular protein that is similar to other proteins due to it having an allotment of a primary, secondary, tertiary & quaternary structure; within this essay, A discussion about these structures and how they affect the functioning of this protein will be the objective. Haemoglobin contains an estimated one third of the mass of a mammalian red blood cell (Liza Natzke (’98)); the main function expected from haemoglobin is to transport oxygen from our lungs pass the arteries towards the tissue to aid in moving CO2 through our veins up to the lungs.
Protein Haemoglobin is formed out of 4 polypeptides chains; 2 alpha (141 residues) & beta chains(146 residues) attached to protein Globulin (Ascot ( 2001)) that are built on taking amino acids & combining them to create a full haemoglobin molecule which contains another molecule in it known as heme. Commonly, whe...(short extract)

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