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Question: Unit 506 Developing, using and organising resources in a specialist area

Funding has been allocated to review and develop resources within your specialist area. You have been asked to lead on this project and produce a report.
You have decided to review your current resources and:

1.1 Explain the purpose of resources in teaching and learning
1.2 Evaluate the effectiveness of specific resources in meeting individual learning needs in teaching and learning contexts

2.1 The outcome of the review is that new resource is required. In order to design appropriate resources, your report needs to include:
2.2 An analysis of the principles of resource design
2.3 An analysis of how theories, principles and models of inclusive curriculum design can be used to inform resource development
2.4 Analysing ways in which resources can be adapted to enable an inclusive approach

As part of the project, you are required to produce an information booklet in which you:
3.1 Explain ways in which resources can be classified and stored
3.2 Review ways of sharing resources with other professionals
4.2 Review legal requirements and responsibilities relating to the development and use of resources
2.5Analyse the implications of intellectual property rights and copyright for the development and use of resources

Using the report findings: (EVIDENCE ON MY TEACHING PORTFOLIO)
2.6 Design resources, including those involve new and emerging technologies, to engage and meet the individual needs of learners
5.1 Employ resources to engage and meet the individual needs of learners

5.2 Evaluate the effectiveness of own practice in relation to development and use of resources to engage and meet individual needs.
5.3 Identify own strengths and areas for improvement in relation to development and use of resources to engage and meet the individual needs of learners.

Answer: 1.1 The purpose of resources is to provide a source of learning experiences for learners (Wilson, 2014). Armitage et al, (2012) argued that resources should be purposeful and not merely a decoration. It could then be said that the main purpose of using resources is to make learners knowledgeable individuals and well-informed. Different teaching and learning resources are used in lifelong learning so that the knowledge of the learners can be practiced, and their learning can be progressed. These are physical and virtual resources that are designed to enable learners to achieve the learning outcomes of their course/programme (Wilson, 2014). Teaching and learning includes the provision of IT, teaching rooms and library services. All resource materials must be inclusive and accessible. Resources exist in many forms for example, textbooks, journals, handouts to media based resources such as p...(short extract)

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