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Question: Teaching Assistant Level 3

1: Plan and implement an activity that encourages pupils to relate to others, e.g. Work co-operatively during group activities.

School age activities with socio-emotional skills
1. What is socio - emotional development?
2. Socio-emotional activities?
3. Development Products and Games?

2: How would a school involve children and your people in decision making?

3: What opportunities are provided to enable young people to be active citizens?

4: Think of as many positive words to describe yourself using the same initial as your first name, e.g. caring, creative, Carlton; magnificent, marvellous, Miriam; sensitive, sharing, Shazia; terrific, tremendous Tom.

5: Please describe group dynamics and social interaction.

6: How would you encourage a child’s self reliance?

7: Describe possible strategies for supporting the preparation of pupils for transfer or transition.

8: List ten ways to enable pupils to relate positively to others.

9: Describe how you would help pupils to develop emotional well-being and resilience.

10: How does a setting support children and young people during transitions?

11: What possible problems might a pupil experience when adjusting to a new setting?

12: How would you help a new primary school student to adjust to a new setting?

Answer: Question 1: Plan and implement an activity that encourages pupils to relate to others, e.g. Work co-operatively during group activities.


Pupils need to be given sufficient listening input to enable them to speak with confidence. Slower learners in languages are likely to need more listening input than others and may find it hard to concentrate on or make sense of what they hear.

Try: numbering flashcards pictures and get pupils to write down number of item you name make statements about your flashcard picture and get pupils to write down true or false for each statement invent a mime for each card: you say the word - the pupils mime. Then let a pupil choose the word that the others mime. Pupils can then do the mime and say the word at the same time stick flashcard around the room and ask pupils to point at ...(short extract)

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