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Question: Critically discuss and evaluate the time spent undertaking during guided group and independent work in literacy lessons.

Answer: Since the ‘literacy hour’ was introduced in September 1998 there have been many reports, surveys and a considerable volume of research carried out in order to highlight its presence in English lessons within primary schools. The National Literacy Strategy (NLS) is explicit in its overall aims and objectives. The NLS is uniquely structured into four components (See Appendix A1). The assignment will critically discuss and evaluate the time spent undertaking guided group and independent work.

The third section of the ‘Literacy Hour’ (Approximately 20 minutes, of each literacy hour, of each day – See Appendix A1) is aimed at the enrichment of guided and independent work. The NLS (1998, p. 12) has two complementary purposes for this part of the literacy hour such as:

· to enable the teacher to teach at least one group per day, differentiate by ability, for a sustained period ...(short extract)

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