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Question: Outline and assess the relationship between age and crime (40)

Answer: In order to establish whether there is a relationship between age and crime it is important to consider what constitutes to a crime and also consider whether there is direct link between deviance and age. A crime is defined as an act or omission which goes against the law that may result in punishment this could include speeding, fraud and rape. In contrast deviance is described as behaviour which is disapproved of by the majority of society and does not conform to shared norms and values, a key example is over consumption of alcohol. Both crime and deviance are socially constructed as they are created and defined by the society which they are committed in. It can also be noted they are both culturally relative and can vary according to time, place and circumstances. For instance in Britain homosexuality was classed as a crime before 1967 whereas now it is legal and widely accepted by th...(short extract)

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