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Question: “The growth of fundamentalism challenges the view that the world is becoming more secular.”

Assess the extent to which sociological arguments and evidence support this view. (33 marks)

Answer: One of the most commonly used definition of secularisation comes from Wilson who claims that it is the process in which religious institutions, practices, and beliefs lose their social significance or importance. Fundamentalism is a religion based on an unquestioning belief in the literal truth of a sacred text. Fundamentalists believe their view is the only correct view of the world, which is revealed through sacred texts and not science or rational argument.

The strongest evidence for secularisation in the UK comes from church attendance statistics. According to the 1851 Census approximately 40% of the population attended church. By 2005 this had dropped to 6.3% according to the 2006 English Church Census. Attendance at religious ceremonies such as baptisms, communion and confirmation have also dramatically fallen. Wilson, like the New Right, sees the decline in church marriages (do...(short extract)

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