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Question: Identify and briefly explain three arguments against the view that secularisation has occurred worldwide over the past 30 years or so, apart from those referred to in item A. (9 marks)

Answer: Secularisation comes from Wilson who claims that it is the process in which religious institutions, practices, and beliefs lose their social significance or importance. However there are many arguments against the view that secularisation has occurred worldwide.

One arguments is that some religions still show high belief and is increasing instead of decreasing. Just because the Church of England may be less popular in the west doesn’t mean that religions in the east are also declining. For example, religions such as Islam maintains the number of its members and is seen as a religion that continues to grow.

Another argument against secularisation is that secularisation is only occurring in Europe, not across the world. For example, Islam is a religion that seems to keep on growing and religious beliefs in the US still seem to be of a high level. Looking at this evidence, the state...(short extract)

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