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Question: Transgender people still get discriminated nowadays, why do people discriminate others and how are we able to prevent it?

Answer: Actually transgender people want little. They just want to live equally with all others. A life in which they can go out and be treated and valued like everyone else is. Especially nowadays, where we have laws which are meant to protect everyone’s equality we should assume that discrimination is over. But some country’s still do not give every person the same chance. Russia just recently banded transgender people from driving, because the government thinks that their medical conditions could be dangerous to other drivers on the road (Oliphant, 2015).
Of course not all countries are intolerant towards transgender people but some people still not accept people with a different sexual orientation. This is also seen in workplaces like in the cases of Alexia Daskalakis and Georgia Carter (Zillman, 2015;Nichols, 2016). Alexias manager thought she did not look appropriate in women cloths ...(short extract)

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