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Question: Social Psychology Assessment
Section A
1- Describe how the sample was recruited in Reicher and Haslam’s (BBC) prison study. (4)
2- Reicher and Haslam studied the behaviour of prisoners and guards in a simulated prison.
A- Describe one way the researchers tried to ensure ethical guidelines were upheld. (2)
B- Outline one reason why stress or psychological harm is an ethical concern in this study (2)

3- From Reicher and Haslam’s BBC prison study, describe the prison environment created for this study. (4)

Section B
1. Choose one of the core studies below
* Rosenhan: on being sane in insane places
* Griffiths: cognitive biases in gambling
* Piliavin, Rodin and Piliavin: good Samaritanism

And answer the following questions:
A- What was the aim of your chosen study? (2)
B- Describe the sample used in your chosen study and suggest one advantage of using this sample. (6)
C- Explain why your chosen study can be considered a field experiment. (6)
D- Give one advantage and one disadvantage of conducting your chosen study in the field. (6)
E- Suggest how your chosen study could be improved. (8)

Answer: 1 - The sample was recruited by adverts in newspapers and leaflets. The ad says that participants should expect hardship/privation and that it will be shown on the BBC. Therefore this was a self-selecting sample. There were originally 332 applicants which were then reduced to 27 through a screening process made up of Psychometric tests that measured the social variables (Authoritarianism, Sexual dominance, Modern racism) and the clinical variables (Depression, anxiety, paranoia, social isolation, self-esteem, demotivation, aggressiveness, self-harm, drug dependence) It also contained a full weekend assessment by clinical psychologists and medical and character references were obtained and police checks conducted. After this the 27 participants were reduced to a final 15 to ensure diversity through the experiment.

2 A - Describe one way the researchers tried to ensure ethical guidelin...(short extract)

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