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Question: The perception of pain and its relation to physical injury.

SDK100 Science and health: an evidence-based approach

Answer: Pain is often thought of as something that occurs after a physical injury, a subbed toe or a broken bone, however, there are other painful experiences with no physical injury such as the death of a loved one. Cognition is an area of psychology that describes how a person can process information such as pain and how memory and attention can alter the severity of pain, the pain perception, and close or open the gate to pain.
The gate control for pain can be controlled by the individuals perception of it. There have been examples of soldiers in a battle field that have fled whilst severely injured but were not aware of the severity of their injury until they had reached safety. Pain can only be perceived once the information has reached the brain via pain pathways, the spinothalamic pathway delivers signals to the brain (The Open University, 2018). The information can be blocked from compl...(short extract)

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