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Question: How Valuable is Source 1 to a Historian for an Enquiry into the Problems of Lenin’s Government 1920-21.

Answer: Source 1 provides some valuable information for a historian enquiring into the problems of Lenin’s Government. However, the source doesn’t cover all of the problems of Lenin’s Government in 1920-21, therefore this source is only relatively valuable to the historian.
Firstly, the source shows multiple grievances amongst sailors, which is significant as only three years ago in the civil war, Lenin stated that they were “the pride and glory of the revolution”, so for the same men to list grievances against Lenin, it not only shows that Lenin’s policies are unpopular and not working, but also increases opposition against Lenin’s government, more significantly that opposition is from the military. This too can be linked with the fact that most sailors are from the peasantry, which under Lenin’s War Communism, were struggling to survive with grain requisitioning starving the p...(short extract)

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