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Question: Applying Situation Ethics to Animal Testing.

Answer: Using Situation Ethics, we can see that agape laws apply to justify animal testing. Animal testing is used to test vaccines so that, when used on humans, they do not make the injected patient ill due to a fault in the biological engineering of the vaccine. If we say that the human welfare is the end, and we look at the animals as the means to that end, then it provides a clear justification that animal testing is for the greater good of the human race. However, for animals, it is another story. Despite this, situation ethics is about doing the most loving thing. If killing animals that are abundant in the world (not near extinction), then killing some to save potentially millions of human lives, animal testing is the most loving thing.
Animal testing covers all the four working principles that Situation Ethics is based on. It is pragmatic as it saves the lives of millions of people by p...(short extract)

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