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Question: “Evidence shows that there is always a scientific or natural explanation for religious experiences”

How far do you agree with this statement?

Answer: Millions of people over the entire lifespan of the Earth have reported having religious experiences in their life. Whilst it cannot be officially proven that what people have experienced was God, or religion related, is that evidence in itself that there is always a scientific or natural explanation for “religious experiences”?
Arguing this being the case would effectively mean that millions of people have lied about having a religious experience, or that there are circumstance (i.e hallucinations due to drugs or mental illness) that have made their story unreliable. This, in my opinion, seems like it’s too much of a coincidence for every one of those people to be liars or unreliable.
David Hume, a Scottish philosopher, stated “There is not to be found in all history, any miracle attested by a sufficient number of men, of such unquestioned good sense, education and learning as ...(short extract)

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