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Question: Psychological explanations of Schizophrenia (8+16 marks): (Psychodynamic, Cognitive and Socio-cultural factors)

Answer: The psychodynamic approach was founded by Freud, Freud believed that Sz was the result of two related processes, regression at a pre ego stage and attempts to re-establish ego control. If the world of the Sz has been particularly harsh, for example his or her parents were cold and uncaring, an induvial may regress to this early stage of their development before the ego was formed and before he or she had developed a realistic awareness of the external world. Sz was thus seen by Freud as an infantile state with some symptoms reflecting this primitive condition, and other symptoms reflecting the person’s attempts to re-gain ego control. There is no research evidence to support Freud’s specific ideas concerning Sz, except subsequent psychoanalysts have claimed, like him, that disordered family patterns are the cause of this illness. For example Fromm-Reichmann (1948) described ‘schizo...(short extract)

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