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Question: Coaching Theory.

Drawing upon your observations, evaluate the communication and motivation skills of any coach in any chosen physical activity.

Answer: Although there is no single agreed definition of ‘coaching’; a variety of authors have identified this term. According to Zeus and Skiffington (2008), coaching can be outlined as a process through which ‘a coach and a coachee interact in a dynamic exchange to achieve goals, enhance performance and move the coachee forward to greater success.’ Although in essence coaching is a type of teaching, it is important to note that in sport it is so much more than this. Martens (1997) states that ‘coaches not only guide athletes in learning technical, tactical and life skills, they also orchestrate and direct their athletes in the performance of these skills’. In Muska Mosston’s Spectrum of Teaching Styles (1986), he categorised eight different teaching styles (A-H) which coaches may adopt. In response to the task above, I will evaluate a coach who takes an ‘A : Command’ approac...(short extract)

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