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Question: Unit 5 Learning outcome 1: Understand the use and purpose of research
EYAP 5: Implementing change in an early years setting incorporating a small scale research project
Unit Reference: K/508/0932 Unit Level: 4
NCFE CACHE Level 4 Certificate for the Early Years Advanced Practitioner

Learning Outcome 1: Understand the use and purpose of research.
• Consider the ways in which research is used.
• Discuss the purpose of undertaking research.
• Justify the use of quantitative and qualitative approaches to research.
• Analyse a range of research methods used for data collection.

Answer: Research is used to find out answers to questions and also helps with developing you existing knowledge within areas. You can use research in different ways which include for assignments, finding answers out and also for your benefit. You can use research to use the facts to help you analyse the problem and this will help you work towards the final product. It will also help you to find better solutions to the problem and testing these out will help as well.
The two approaches to research are quantitative - based on the methods used in the natural sciences and qualitative - based on methods which are said to be humanistic. Quantitative research is when you collect and convert data into numbers so you can make a conclusion from that. These are used more towards the end of a project because it is conclusive to what you have been researching and writing about. You can find these out throu...(short extract)

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