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Question: Explain the concept of evidence based practice (EBP) and its role in healthcare.

Module: Research Methods for Evidence Based Practice

Content Page
1. Introduction 4
2. Evidence Based Practice 4
3. Question Formulation 5
4. Methodology 9
4.1 Search Terms and Keywords 12
4.2 Search Strategy 13
4.3 Search Results 17
5. Critiquing Tools 18
6. Critiquing Appraisal 19
7. Discussion 25
8. Implications for Practice & Conclusion 26

1. Barriers to Evidence Based Practice 5
2. SPICE Model 8
3. Evidence Based Practice Process 9
4. Sources of Literature 10
5. Hierarchy of Evidence 11
6. Keywords 13
7. Inclusion/Exclusions 13
8. Electronic Databases Accessed 15
9. Limit option used 15
10. Studies selected 18
11. Characteristics of Qualitative & Quantitative Methods 19
12. Problems with Interviews 21
13. Four theories 23

Research Methods for Evidence Based Practice

Answer: 1. Introduction
The purpose of this assignment is to provide an analysis of evidence within the context as my role as a Health Visitor. The assignment will provide an explanation of the concept of evidence based practice (EBP) and the role it has in healthcare. This will involve reflecting, discussing the process of selecting and critically appraising the evidence.

2. Evidence Based Practice
Evidence based practice (EBP) has many definitions. The term ‘evidence based practice’ is derived from definitions of evidence based medicine (EBM). EBM is said to have originated from the early 1990’s and has become a key resource for the healthcare profession (Parahoo 2006). The most widely cited definition of EBP is from Sackett et al's (2000 p1) definition of EBM that suggests that it is ‘the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patients values’. ...(short extract)

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