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Question: Who is the most admirable character in Welton Academy? Why so?

Answer: From the film ‘Dead Poets Society’, the most admirable character in Welton Academy is John Keating. Mr Keating plays a newly arrived teacher in Welton Academy. He was a former graduate student of Welton a few years ago. The reasons why he is being admired are his unique teaching methods, his romanticism and his passion for being a teacher.
Mr Keating is the most admirable character in Welton Academy because of his unorthodox teaching ways. At the first day of school, Keating gathered his students in the hallway to show them the pictures of former graduate students which none of the teachers in Welton would do. He taught them about the words ‘Carpe Diem’ in Latin which means sieze the day. He wanted the boys to sieze the day by doing something special in their lives which were unforgettable. These actions showed that Keating’s teaching methods were different from other teacher...(short extract)

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