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Question: Demonstrate an Understanding of the Issues of Publishing Copyright at a Professional Level.
MA Music Industry Management

Answer: Introduction
Throughout this essay many issues relating to copyright will be discussed, regarding the major differences between UK, European and USA copyright law, how these copyrights came about and how each particular copyright is secured. Other vital factors that will be touched upon include; the Digital Rights Bill, how modern distribution methods affect today’s musical climate and the road map to royalties.
A Question of Copyright, Overseas & in the UK – The Songwriters Armour
Unfortunately, there is no international body that protects the copyright of a songwriter and pursue anybody who infringes upon it. The songwriter is responsible for protecting their own work, unless they have assigned their song to a music publisher to exploit on their behalf. As a result of the lack of these ‘deity-like’ statutory bodies, various services have been nurtured offering protection, b...(short extract)

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