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Question: Assignment 1 Part 1 - Commercial Solutions for Artists’ Portfolios [Word Count: 2,300]
Track 1: ‘He’s Gotta Go’
Track 2: ‘A Little Bit’
Track 3: All We Got
Track 4: Eyes Don’t Lie

Part 2 – Artist & Repertoire – Reflection on the ‘Songwriter’s Critique Session’ [Word Count: 552]

MA Music Industry Management

Answer: Track 1: ‘He’s Gotta Go’
The song immediately enters into the verse, consisting of dated production sounds and extremely commercial vocals. As the song progresses, the listener is taken through a wave of different genres, including Pop, Light-Rock and Euro-Dance. This certain selection of genres were particularly popular in the early 90’s and can be compared to such artists as Whigfield, with her successful hit ‘Saturday Night’, Dr Alban’s ‘It’s My Life’ and even several past hits from Savage Garden.
To be successful with this song, the production needs a huge overhaul. A good recent example is 2Tallin’s ‘Off Beat’. The band/producers show how they use current production sounds and techniques to gain sustainability, creditability, and more importantly, revenue in today’s fickle pop music market. The group utilize current and futuristic dance sounds to uphol...(short extract)

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