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Question: Précis of: ‘Elvis Everywhere: Musicology and Popular Music Studies at the Twilight of the Canon’ by Robert Fink (1998).

Research Methods – MU70011E - Music Industry Management
Masters in Music business from the University of West London in 2010 - Overall grade of Merit in Masters of Arts.

Answer: ‘Elvis Everywhere’ is the in depth article by Robert Fink. It was originally a paper that he has expanded on to deliver at a conference on ‘Representing Rock’ at an East Coast American university. Fink explains that ‘I was one of a small group of gate-crashing musicologists who slipped onto the program to address the very question of why (or whether) we should be there at all.’
Immediately Fink lets the reader know that he is a ‘musicologist’ and this lets you know what his view points are for the beginning of the essay. Throughout the essay, Fink analyses many different ideas on how people should review music, ranging from the traditional musicologist, to the ‘crossover’ musicologist, to the people who engage with an ‘avant-garde’ canon and even encompassing the ‘new avant-garde’. Fink originally describes himself as a musicologist but further arguments act...(short extract)

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