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Question: Unit 11: Develop Professional Supervision Practice in Health and Social Care or Children and Young People’s Work Settings

Scope of Task
The following areas are to be covered / discussed / referred to in your answers:
Understanding of professional supervision.
Legislation requirements.
Modes and theories of supervision.
Performance management cycle.
Performance indicators.
Power imbalance as a barrier.
Reflection on practice.
Giving feedback.
Managing conflict via supervision.

Task Questions
1. Analyse the purpose of professional supervision.
2. Describe and compare models and theories of professional supervision.
3. Explain the legislation related to professional supervision and how this has an impact on organisation policy and procedure.
4. How can changes in legislation, findings from research and critical reviews, be used within professional supervision?
5 How can professional supervision be used to protect: (give examples from your practice).
The individual.
The supervisor.
The supervisee.
6. Explain the performance management cycle.
7. Analyse how professional supervision supports performance and can be used to challenge poor practice. Give examples from your own experience.
8. Describe the use of performance indicators as a measure of performance. Describe how you use performance indicators.
9. Explain factors that may result in a power imbalance and how you overcome these.
10. Explain how you support supervisee reflect on their own practice.
11. Why is it important to give constructive feedback, how do you give feedback.
12. Why is it important to support supervisees to identify their own learning needs?
13. How do you monitor and review the professional supervision process.
14. How do you obtain feedback on your own supervision skills?
15. Give examples of conflicts you have managed during supervision. How do you think you handled the conflict? Reflect on the outcome.

Answer: 1. The purpose of professional supervision is to provide effective working environment between worker Supervision is use to reflect on the practice of worker and gain the necessary support required in other to allow support and development.

Regular supervision also develops standards within an organisation, this will help to improve service and allow for provision by making ethical and informed decisions that may affect staff or the organisation.

Professional supervision allowed the employer and worker to discussion things/ come together on a one to one both party can evaluate the work through discussion, report and observation.
Professional supervision should be planned and accountable process which must provide a supportive tool. This should be reflective, decisions should be of professional judgement and discrete.

2 There are various models and theories of professional supe...(short extract)

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