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Question: Unit 514. Safeguarding and Protection of Vulnerable Adults (P1).
Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for health and social care and children and young people’s services (England)

1. Understand the legislation, regulations and policies that underpin the protection of vulnerable adults.
1.1. Analyse the differences between the concept of safeguarding and the concept of protection in relation to vulnerable adults.
1.2. Evaluate the impact of policy development on approaches to safeguarding vulnerable adults in own service setting.
1.3. Explain the legislative framework for safeguarding vulnerable adults.
1.4. Evaluate how serious case reviews or inquiries have influenced quality assurance, regulation and inspection relating to the safeguarding of vulnerable adults.
1.5. Explain the protocols and referral procedures when harm or abuse is alleged or suspected.

2. Be able to lead service provision that protects vulnerable adults.
2.3. Identify the policies and procedures in own work setting that contribute towards safeguarding and the prevention of abuse.

Answer: 1.1 The concept of safeguarding originated from the Children Act 1989 and the Joint Chief Inspectors Report on Arrangements to Safeguard Children (2002). This meant that any agencies involved in the care of children, or those under the age of 18 were responsible for ensuring their safety and welfare by minimising potential harm or risks. It was also stipulated that concerns are addressed by organisations working together to uphold local legislation and policies.

There is a similar approach to those over the age of 18, especially those who are vulnerable. Vulnerable people (adults and children) may not have mental capacity or understanding of what is happening to them and may not be able to speak out to protect themselves from abuse or unethical behaviours from others. In terms of adult protection, vulnerability is defined as a person aged 18 or over -

“Who is or may be in need ...(short extract)

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