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Question: Unit 1 Understanding the principles and practices of assessment
Unit reference number: D/601/5313
Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA)

2.1 Compare the strengths and limitations of a range of assessment methods with reference to the needs of individual learners

3.1 Summarise key factors to consider when planning assessment
3.2 Evaluate the benefits of using a holistic approach to assessment
3.3 Explain how to plan a holistic approach to assessment
3.4 Summarise the types of risks that may be involved in assessment in own area of responsibility
3.5 Explain how to minimise risks through the planning process

4.1 Explain the importance of involving the learner and others in the assessment process
4.2 Summarise types of information that should be made available to learners and others involved in the assessment process

Answer: 2.1 I believe that group work is essential to develop team work and facilitate collaboration between students. As a care trainer, I believe that it is essential to promote social harmony and facilitate collaborative work between culturally diverse individuals and groups of individuals. Group work facilitates effective participation and communication, and also builds up leadership skills among students. But even though group work is an effective learning tool, the resources required for group work is high. Group work requires a significant amount of time, materials and space. If I am not able to provide these resources to students, the group work will not be effective. Furthermore, group work can also have many disputes which would hinder the main objective of undertaking group work. Also, there is the limitation of all students not participating equally for group work.
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