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Question: TMA 05 Critically discuss the barriers some parents may face in engaging with one area of children’s services. Drawing on your knowledge of different forms of capital, what role can practitioners play in overcoming some of this barriers?

KE312 Working together for children

Answer: Parental involvement is paramount in a child’s education. Research has shown that parent’s positive engagement in their children’s education has many positive benefits. Despite best intentions to support their children many parents are unable to do so for various reasons. This essay discusses barriers faced by parents from ethnic minority backgrounds on positively engaging with their children’s education and strategies to overcome barriers that are preventing parental involvement; different forms of capital will be used as focus point together with research evidence from journals articles, policies and practice with economic, human social and cultural capital as “concepts that enables us to understand resources unequally possessed by parents and unequally provided by parenting support.” (Leveret, 2015, p. 115).

Parenting has been the subject of debate and policy attention ...(short extract)

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  • Subject: Children and young people
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  • Date written: April, 2016
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