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Question: TMA 04

1. Department of Health: Developing strong relationships and supporting positive sexual health. https://www.gov.uk/ government/ uploads/ system/ uploads/ attachment_data/ file/ 299269/ Sexual_Health_Pathway_Interactive_Final/ pdf (accessed 10.04.2016).

2. Department of Health (2013) A framework for sexual health improvement in England. London: Department of Health.

1. Evaluate the roles of the public health practitioner leading on sexual health promotion and the school nurse in this policy-making process. Consider why their preferred way forward was not adopted, drawing on your understanding of power, stakeholder influence and resistance in policy-making theory to support your answer. (50% of the marks) [Word count 981]

2. Create a presentation of the case that you would present to the meeting if you were the public health lead in this case study, supporting this with explanatory notes. (30% of the marks) [Word count 602]

3. Reflect on the evidence you have gathered about how to influence policy development and apply it to a situation or an organisation with which you are involved. (20% of the marks) [Word count 406]

Answer: Answer 1
The case study asks us to look at a less than successful implementation of a sexual health promotion scheme in a school setting. Let us look at why it was unsuccessful. First of all, one of the main issues with their attempt to introduce this scheme was with their initial approach. Initially they tried to tackle the problem via a narrow approach. The public health lead and school nurse tried to tackle the whole scheme themselves with little involvement from the other key stakeholders in the school i.e. teachers, parents, & pupils. When this then failed, they tried to broaden it to include a greater number of approaches requiring working across role boundaries with responsibilities for teachers and parents to get involved. Dooris (2012 p367) talked about the need to reject the tendency towards silo working. In this instance, they neglected to work ‘horizontally’ and this nar...(short extract)

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